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Driving synergies between MSMEs...

Enabling Cluster Based Networking for sharing un-optimized resources...

On our platform, MSMEs can come together and help each other in reducing inefficiencies and costs by collaborating together in the following categories:

Raw Material Vacancy

Purchase pooling of raw material allows MSMEs to:

a. Get better rates 

b. Fulfill MoQs 

Production & Process Vacancy

Production & Process Outsourcing demand can be sub-categorized into 3 components:

a. New product development, R&D

b. Core Process Outsourcing

c. Shared Services

Logistics Part-Load Vacancy

Our platform will allow MSMEs to pool their part-load  logistics requirement by weight & volume, domestically & internationally

Equipment Vacancy

Several small movable equipment in MSMEs are erratically used. They can lend them to their peers for short term use hence getting proper value out of their investment.

Space Vacancy

Sub-letting of space, office & shop floor, for short periods.

Manpower Vacancy

Man power sharing enables MSMEs to hire experts & field employees and share them with their peers hence getting their RoI.

Visit 'Services' to open Vacancies & Start Sharing! 



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